Elegant Interior

Because building an S10 truck is an art.

Welcome to our online shop, dedicated to the passionate clean elegant build of s10 trucks. We sell shirts and hats that are small pieces of our creative talents. We build trucks to a standard that most find foolish but we want to elevate the game of building s10 truck to preserve their enjoyment for years to come. 

Who & Why

A Couple Rednecks from Keithville

We're just a couple rednecks from Keithville, LA who get aroused from stuffing huge amounts of power into small packages. At least one of us has a serious issue with taking build to a level that only the insane would go. In the end its going to be beautiful!

Because We're Overcompensating

We pride ourselves on product quality. We do it right because we want to talk shit and you can't talk shit if you don't build it right. There's no limit to our attention to detail.